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NCA Current Membership Fees

Our fees are a one-off payment for your membership year and there are no additional shooting fees other than for some competitions such as the monthly qualifcation and ranking events and the annual club tournament.

Archery Australia Definition of "Family" for Membership Purposes

For the purposes of the family membership discount a family is :

1.         three or more persons;

2.         related to each other by one or more of the following causes:

            (a)         an immediate blood relationship, or

            (b)         the following legal relationships:

                         i.          marriage;

                         ii.         de facto relationship as defined in section 4AA of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth),

                         iii.        adoption,

                         iv.        step parenting;

                         v.         foster parenting,

                         vi         legal guardianship under State or Commonwealth law; or

             (c).       a resident caregiver relationship.

3.         and consisting of:

           (a).      a maximum of two persons above the age of 18 years who must be either married or in a de
                      facto relationship as defined in section 4AA of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth); or who fall 
                      within the definition of clauses 2(a), 2(b)(iii) to 2(b)(vi) inclusive or 2(c) above.

           (b).      any number of other related persons under the age of 18 years as of the date of joining who
                       fall within the definition of clauses 2(a), 2(b)(iii) to 2(b)(vi) inclusive or 2(c) above.

           An “immediate blood relationship” means a parent/child relationship such as father or mother vis a
           vis son or daughter.  Grandparent/Grandchild is not an “immediate blood relationship” (but the
           relationship may nevertheless qualify as a family under another criterion).

           A “resident caregiver relationship” is an informal arrangement where an adult is caring for a child 
           as a de facto parent in circumstances where the child resides with the adult and is financially
           dependent on the adult.”

4.        All family members wishing to claim this discount must be members of the same Club they are
           claiming the discount through.

Miscellaneous Fees

The only other miscellaneous fees which may apply depending on your personal circumstances are: -

  • Equipment Hire (Members) $10 per day
  • Equipment Hire (Non Members) $15 per day
  • Shoot Fee (Temporary Members & Non Members) $10 per day
  • Come & Try Beginners Classes $20 per session
  • Advanced Come & Try Classes $20 per session

While you may join without previous archery experience, if you do not have the requisite experience you will not be allowed to shoot until you have completed one of our beginners come and try classes - please go to the "Beginning Archery ?" menu item for details.  We recommend you do the beginners class before joining the club as the demand for the classes is such that there can be a delay of up to several months in being able to complete the class and it is important that you complete the course begore paying for your ownarchery equipment. 

The Membership Year

The club membership year is based on a members anniversary of joining - that is it runs from when you join to your anniversary of membership the following year - rather than a calendar or a financial year.  We do not pro-rata fees, other than for members of one family joining as a family at different times.

What your fees include

The above annual fees are inclusive of: 

What if I renew late

Existing members who rejoin late are treated as having an anniversary of membership based on their original membership date for up to 12 months after that date.  In other words there is no discount of fees or pro rating of fees for renewing late  If renewing later than that 12 month period they are treated as a new application for membership.