AA and ANSW Ranking Lists


The National and State Rankings are listed below the information on how they are derived

How Are The Rankings Calculated ?

What is a Ranking List?

The Ranking List is intended to provide a list of ranking for archers around Australia.  The Ranking List maybe used for International Team Qualification and/or National Squads (dependent upon the event selection criteria).

How does the National Ranking List Work?

The scores used are made up from the highest degraded rating from AA or WA registered events these includes tournaments and QREs.

Ratings are degraded by 2 points per month (30.4 days) for Target and Indoor. (Clout and Field scores are degraded by 5 points per 30.4 days).

The National List represents results from Archery Australia and World Archery Registered tournament.

The RGB List is determined from scores shot at Club level.

What is a Valid Score?

A valid score is one that complies with the Archery Australia and World Archery Shooting Rules with a Judge/s or QRE Official/s officiating. 

What shoots may be used for ranking scores?

Only scores from Tournaments and Qualifying and Ranking Events (QRE) listed on the Archery Australia QRE and Tournament Calendar will be accepted.

Can overseas events be used for the ranking list?

If an archer is competing overseas as a member of an Australian Team then the Team Manager will be responsible for sending any valid scores to the National Ranking List Submitter for inclusion on the Ranking List.

If an archer is competing overseas as an individual they should submit their valid scores through their RGB. 

What happens if I shoot at an Interstate event?

As only tournaments listed in Archers Diary will be eligible these scores will be processed automatically following receipt of all documentation.

Is there a limit on the amount of shoots available during the year?

No, there can be any number of tournaments or QREs registered annually following lodgement of the appropriate online form by the host RGB or Club.

How are scores submitted?

Scores entered in Archers Diary will be automatically processed monthly.

National Rankings

State Rankings