Membership information.

If you are new to archery.

If you are new to archery then you need to do a Come and Try It course before you can join. Following this you will have temporary membership for a series of six visits during which you can  use club equipment and receive further instruction.  At the end of this time, if you decide that you want to go further in archery ( and who wouldn’t !) then you can join the club and become a full member. At this stage people usually purchase their own equipment. After a probationary period of three months you become a full member and then can access the range at any time for practice.


  • Come’n Try day $50
  • Return visits $20 ($10 if you have your own gear)
  • Senior club membership – $280 – annual
  • Junior club membership- $170- annual
  • There are some membership discounts for over 65s and for families.

If you are an experienced shooter.

Even if you are an experienced shooter, please do not join the club without contacting us first and discussing your situation.  Joining the club does not give you shooting rights. Generally a committee member will assess your experience and competence as well as assessing your equipment for safety and compliance. Depending on your experience, you may be asked to shoot under supervision, do an induction or partcipate in a come and try it course. 

Visitors who are members of other archery associations or clubs.

If you are a card carrying member of other archery associations then generally you can shoot at the club on club shoot days as long as your credentials are up to date. There are shoot fees for visitors.

Renewing club membership.

To renew your membership click here. This will take you to the Archery Australia portal. You will need to create an account, log on, and purchase the correct membership from Newcastle city archers. You may need to search “Newcastle” on the home screen to find the memberships associated with our club amongst all the others.